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Solar Street Lighting All In One SL180N


  • Model: SOL 30/40, SOL 60/80, SOL 120/150
  • Lamp Body Material: Die-casting aluminium
  • Lens Material: Teijin PC
  • Lamp Size: 1122*365*160mm, 1342*365*160mm, 1672*365*160mm
  • LED Chip: 90,135,180 PCS SMD5050
  • Battery: LiFePO4 
  • Solar panel: 100 -150W (1050*350mm), (1270*350mm), (1600*350mm)
  • CCT: 6000-6500K
  • Charging Time: Effective sunshine 4-6H
  • Discharge Time: 3-5 rainy & cloudy days
  • Discharge Current: 11A,14A,18.75A
  • Radar Sensor: YES
  • Product Features: Optical + Remote Control
  • IP Rank: IP66
  • Luminous Flux: 3600lm-4800lm, 7200lm-9600lm, 14400lm-16000lm
SOLAR STREET LIGHT (ALL IN ONE) designed to provide users with high-quality solar street lamp, which has passed CE, FCC, RoHS and some other international certificate.


  • Elegant design
  • Electricity/wiring free
  • Easy to install
  • High charging efficiency
  • Strong endurance
  • Outstanding lighting effect

Products are widely used in street, path, residence, lodge, farm, square, orchard, park, parking lot and other areas.
This product adopts LED optical lens design, the lens can effectively gather the light of the light source to improve the brightness and reduce the light loss. The light efficiency of the traditional reflective cup is increased by more than 20%.

Our product has three brightness mode: radar mode for all night, constant lighting mode for all night, and switch to radar mode after constant light mode.

The solar controller simulates the MPPT charging scheme, a unique charging and discharging management system with more efficient charging and discharging efficiency.
For example, the market routinely uses 6V/60W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 10A; but our product uses 4V/60W photovoltaic panels with a peak charging current of 15A. The charging efficiency is improved by 50%.

We are committed to meet the needs of customers “365 days, daily brightness” to make sure our product not only has higher charging efficiency, but also can actively identify the amount of charging per day. As to independently adjust the capacity to achieve a better rainy day efficiency.

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